Welcome to CANblau Aalborg

Our concept is simple. You can – like in Spain – order a variety of tapas from our menu. In addition, you will find a number of tapas on our black boards on the wall for an affordable price that varies day to day – You can order these in the menu under “PIZARRA”. We recommend choosing 3 – 4 tapas per person.

You can also order our CANblau tapas menu, which gives you a great experience in the Spanish tapas kitchen. We have composed the menu carefully to make sure that you get a little bit of everything. (Can only be ordered for the whole table). 

Here at CANblau, as well as in Spain, we serve our tapas in “heats” – That means we serve the cold tapas first, usually at the same time. When we serve the hot tapas, most often also at the same time, and finally of course dessert and coffee. If you have any special requests, please ask the service.

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